What is renewable energy?


The sources like sun, wind, water, hydro – electric, geothermal, hydrogen, bio – mass and ocean, which are used without draining to produce other energy sources are called renewable energy sources.

Along with the developing technology, the increase in the prices of crude oil and natural gas and their harmful effects of these on nature and the fact that they are going to run out one day in the future increase the significance of renewable energy sources. Today, developed and developing countries are giving more priority to the use of alternative energy sources within the limits of their means.

From Sun to us; from us to Turkey…

General Energy meets the energy need of Turkey through its power plants that it established so as to make use of the most valuable energy source of the nature. Thanks to photovoltaic power plants we constructed by combining multiple solar panels, we transmit the power to our country without harming the nature.

The solar power plant, which is powerful enough to meet the energy need of all houses and workplaces of a large city, makes essential contributions to Turkish economy and the environmentalist culture of the globalized world.

Our company, which offers contracting services for solar power plants apart from making investments itself, is a reliable guide for the investors.

General Energy undertakes every phase of the project for you – from determining field for the power plant to field measurements, from preparing application documents to construction of the power plant- on a turnkey basis.